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True Chocolate with a Czech Twist

Published on January 22th, 2015 in Shopping

  • Jordi's Chocolate bar (photo courtesy of Jordi's Facebook page)

  • Jiri Stejskal in the production (photo courtesy of

  • Jordi's Matcha chocolate in production (photo courtesy of Jordi's facebook page)

  • Luke Koudelka (left) and Jiri-Stejskal (right) cocoa beans from Madagascar (photo courtesy of

  • Jordi's Milk Chocolate - cow and goat (photo courtesy of

  • Jordi's Spicy Chocolates (photo courtesy of


Billing itself as the first “bean to bar” chocolate maker from the Czech Republic, Jordi’s had more than a few firsts to offer me. After discovering their line of decadent, prettily packaged confections, I tried my first sheep’s milk, followed by a goat’s milk, chocolate bar. Certainly creamy, definitely tangy, and infinitely more interesting than the usual chili or sea-salt tablets that are everywhere these days.


Aside from their unusual product range (which also includes to-die-for roasted organic cocoa beans coated in dark Madagascar chocolate) the most fascinating thing about this company, which was founded by Jiří Stejskal a Lukáš Koudelka in Hradec Králové in 2012, is its authentic production methods. Jordi’s imports high-quality cocoa beans from Ecaudor, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Madagascar which are then roasted and ground to a pure chocolate. No preservatives added, just sugar and milk.


I also learned a fun fact via Jordi’s about Czechs and chocolate: Czechoslovakia in the First Republic was a chocolate powerhouse with consumption per capita higher than that of Switzerland. Chocolate connoisseurs and purists will truly appreciate their authentic approach to making chocolate in its most basic form; for the rest of us who crave chocolate in all varieties, Jordi’s makes candies, chocolate spreads, and yes, even the obligatory chili and sea-salt tablets.


Available in Prague at Sklizeno Vodičkova  and online at