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Toys in Czechland

Published on January 29th, 2015 in Shopping

  • Hugo Chodí Bos

  • Námořník Suitcase (photo courtesy of

  • Magnetic Play Theatre (photo courtesy of

  • Paper Theatre, Bedně - Cold Season (photo courtesy of

  • Inflatable Goat (photo courtesy of

  • Classic Czech board game (photo courtesy of


Vintage Czech toys are a passion of mine. We carry several in our stores: Směr, KOVAP, Fatra as well as handmade wooden toys. Czechs are probably best known for the wooden variety, but modern toymakers working in other materials have given the craft added cachet from a design perspective. The newly opened toy store Hugo Chodí Bos (Hugo Goes Barefoot) brings classic and contemporary together in one cozy space.


A short walk from Wenceslas Square, if you love toys it's worth a visit to see the best that the Czech Republic has to offer. The owner, herself a parent who saw a gap in the market for a shop that specialized in a diverse selection of well-made Czech toys, has curated a wonderful mix here.


Detoa wooden pull toys and magnetic theaters, Fatra inflatable highly stylized animals, and Směr iconic bathtime fish can all be found alongside gems from contemporary Czech designers like a puppet theater in the shape of a retro television by Unlimited Design.


Paper Suitcases (Left: Námořník, Right: Přírodovědec) -



There is something to please most age groups here, from mobiles and decor for the nursery, to cube puzzles and tops for toddlers, and classic Czech board games for older kids. My own daughter loves the super chic children's suitcases you can buy here—Czech children use them in place of knapsacks to tote their school supplies—and has a several of them in a variety of colors and motifs! Prices are very affordable given the quality of the toys (see my list of purchases below).


You will also find a small selection of books by indie children's publisher Baobob. I am pleased to see that their vibrant titles are getting so much exposure at bookstores and design shops throughout Prague.


The inventory at Hugo Goes Barefoot is frequently updated. I look forward to returning to this delightful shop soon to see what's new.


Shopping list:


Traditional Czech suitcase for art supplies 249 CZK


Kazoo 69 CZK


Magnetic puzzle 229 CZK


2015 family planner calendar 249 CZK


My First Game boxed set 330 CZK




Hugo Chodí Bos

Řeznická 1374/12, Prague 1
tel +420 602 834 930
hours Monday–Friday 10:00–19:00; Saturday 13:00–18:00
tram 22 to Štěpánská