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Not-So-Fashionable Footwear

Published on April 10th, 2014 in Shopping

  • Bačkory (photo courtesy of

  • Důchodky (photo courtesy of

  • "At Home you will be comfortable in slippers" - Bat'a Ad, c.1978 (photo from

  • Bačkory (photo courtesy of

  • Důchodky cake! (photo courtesy of

  • Ladies Bačkory (photo courtesy of


If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting a Czech home, you are probably familiar with the house slippers, or bačkory, that guests are given by the hosts and expected to wear for the duration of their stay. (A word to the wise: if you plan to make your fabulous new heels the centerpiece of your ensemble while attending a Czech dinner party, reconsider!)


Bačkory, however, haven't achieved quite the same iconic status as that of their distant footwear cousin, důchodky, a kind of insulated shoe-slipper combo that's a wardrobe staple among retirees (a.k.a. důchodcích) and just about anyone who values comfort over style.


A little history: the slipper has its origin in Czech folk costumes but made a name for itself during Socialist times thanks to its warmth and affordable price tag among the miserable selection of shoes. More than just a house slipper, the anti-slip rubber insole allowed you to wear your důchodky to the water closet, which in older Czech apartments was often outside the flat, or outdoors to the woodpile or outhouse.


Want to shuffle around Prague senior-citizen style? You can still buy důchodky today, and not just in the dull black and grey hues of yesteryear. Find them at supermarkets, most of the small Czech shoe stores marked “obuv”, shops that specialize in orthopedic footwear (zdravotní obuv), and Vietnamese bazaars starting at 150 CZK.



Here is one place you can find them:

Botníček, obchod

Vinohradská, 1999/110

tel  725 390 927

tram 11, 13 to Radhostska

metro  Flora

hours Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00

Prices start at around 300Kc