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Les Houbeles: A Mushroom Lover’s Paradise

Published on September 07th, 2016 in Shopping

  • Mushroom-themed board game

  • Mushroom-shaped cutting board from Les Houbeles

  • An assortment of mushroom goodies

  • Children's book about mushrooms (Source:

  • Mushroom-motif memory game (Source: Pinterest)

Foraging for mushrooms is a favorite Czech past time, scratch that, passion. Czechs start learning from a very young age which varieties are safe to pick—in fact a friend of mine reports that her daughter is already learning about mushrooms in nursery school at the ripe old age of 3!

Enthusiasts will tell you that all you need for a mushroom hunt is a great spot, a sharp blade, and a wicker basket to properly store your houby, but a whole cottage industry has sprung up around the tools of the mycologist trade.

Les Houbeles is a small shop that has been around for quite awhile but recently relocated to downtown Prague, not far from the central train station. It caught my eye for its stylish offerings, a creative array of well-designed products that will appeal to both serious mushroom pickers and casual fans of the sport.

Les Houbeles shop


Here you will find a number of useful things for gearing up for a trip to the forest including pocket knives with artfully designed handles, insulated Nokian rubber boots, sturdy baskets bearing the Les Houbeles logo, and drying nets.

For the less devoted though no less enthusiastic fungi fan, there are other fun finds: ’shroom-bedecked t-shirts, foraging-themed board games, linen shopping bags, posters and prints, and even home furnishings (plate, bowls, mugs, throw pillows, cutting boards) for the mycologist in your life.


Fun finds from Les Houbeles

Custom gift baskets are also available for mushroom lovers. Filled with pickled mushrooms, dried mushrooms, mushroom-picking gadgets, and mushroom tea, I can't think of a better gift to give a mushroom-obsessed Czech friend.

If you are visiting Prague during mushroom season (typically from May to early November depending on the weather), there are a number of prime spots for picking in and around the Czech capital. Among my personal favorite places for mushroom picking is Stromovka park, an Arcadian woodland in the middle of Prague 7.

But if you come during the off season and still want to experience this classic Czech hobby, pay a visit to the friendly people at Les Houbeles.

Les Houbeles

Růžová 970/7 Prague 1, Staré Město
tel 604 288 601
hours Mon-Fri: 9:00-18:30
metro Můstek