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Fun Find: Retro Roller Skates from Honzovy Longboardy

Published on March 31th, 2016 in Shopping

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  • Honzovy Longboardy - Penny skateboards (photo courtesy of


While the rest of Prague is ice skating (if you’re in town before January 31 when it closes, check out the rink at Ovocný trh) I am coveting the retro-fabulous roller skates from Czech company Honzovy Longboardy – in English, Honza’s Longboards.


While I still own my sneaker skates from 1978 – and an odd Czech teddy bear on roller skates with vintage appeal – the ladies roller skates sold by this purveyor of cool on wheels are an irresistible addition to any fanatic’s collection.


Available in royal blue and lipstick red shades that scream Boogie Nights, not to mention au-courant neon candy colors, the skates here are as affordable as they are fashionable with Rookie Retro and Rio skates starting at 1,990 CZK.



Roller Skates from L-R: Rio Roller Blueberry, Rio Roller Candy and Rookie Retro V2 Blue-Yellow



And the shop itself is highly worth a visit. Located in downtown Prague it also stocks skateboards, longboards (a very long skateboard), the increasingly hip Penny board mini-skateboards, and scooters all in a rainbow of hues.


If you really must, ice skates and in-line skates can be purchased here, too. And you can rent skateboards and skates if you are visiting and the mood to do some roller bootin’ strikes.


Many of the items are imported from the UK and Australia, but there are some Czech-made finds here and you can actually build a custom skateboard here if you are a true enthusiast.


Accessories are sold as well and include a sexy modern update on those striped tube socks from gym class circa 1970 by Czech brand Coolsocks.


True roller girls (and boys!) may even want to catch a Prague City Roller Derby match. They are few and far between but as the city’s first ever all-female amateur league have gained quite the following.



Honzovy Longboardy

Ostrovní 25, Prague 1
tel +420 777 493 115
open Mon – Fri 11:00 – 19:00 (currently closed on the weekend but will begin weekend hours on March 19, 2016)