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Fun Find For Vintage Car Buffs

Published on September 24th, 2015 in Shopping

  • Lada-2107 Issue and Syrena Bosto Issue (photo courtesy of

  • Set of cars from Kultovní Auta ČSSR (photo courtesy of

  • Dacia 1300 Issue (photo courtesy of

  • Tatra 613 Issue (photo courtesy of

  • GAZ-3102 Volga Issue (photo courtesy of

  • Nysa n59 (photo courtesy of

  • Tarpan 237 (photo courtesy of

  • AWZ P70 Coupe (photo courtesy of


Are you a classic car enthusiast who is visiting the Czech Republic? Then I've got just the souvenir for you: Kultovní Auta ČSSR (Cult Cars Czechoslovakia) magazine, possibly one of the strangest—though undeniably most entertaining—newsstand publications I've come across.


Similar to an old fashioned pin-up magazine, the object of desire here is the vintage automobile. Each edition is devoted to a different model and make (think Lada, Tatra, Trabant, Škoda) though isn't limited to Czechoslovak vehicles: remember the Yugo?


The bi-weekly, 10-page magazine features color and black-and-white photos of both the car and the era in which it was produced as well as fun facts, trivia, a pull-out poster and just about everything you'd ever want to know about a particular car—sorry, Czech language only.


But what makes this such a great purchase, even for non-Czech speakers like me, is that each edition comes with a snazzy model car. I have purchased several and they are metal, durable, collector's quality cars and, if you're into retro style, irresistible.



Model Cars, Left to Right: Simca 1301, Trabant P50 Limousine, Wartburg 311 Cabrio (photos courtesy of



I recently picked up issue number 139, the Simca 1301 a French car made in 1972, from my local tabák (newsstand). And while I personally am not a collector, the news agent I bought it from told me that the publication has a huge following and that he has several customers who have managed to buy every single issue!


You can see all of the cars released in 2015 by publisher DeAgostini here and find a newsstand in Prague where the magazine can be purchased here. Each issue costs 199 CZK.


For those classic auto enthusiasts who want to go big, I highly recommend a visit to the Škoda Auto Museum in Mladá Boleslov and the Tatra Technical Museum, both outside of Prague but well worth the trip.