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Fabulous Find: Boho Ice Cream Candles

Published on August 28th, 2014 in Shopping

  • Ice Cream Candle (photo courtesy of Boho Facebook page)

  • Ice Cream Candles (photo courtesy of Boho Facebook page)

  • Boho Concept Store (photo courtesy of Boho Facebook page)

  • Boho Bike (photo courtesy of Boho Facebook page)

  • Boho message board (photo courtesy of Boho Facebook page)

  • Ice Cream Shirt (photo courtesy of Boho Facebook page)

Zmrzlinový pohár is the Czech take on an ice cream sundae: a few scoops of ice cream topped with a fruit or chocolate sauce, garnished with some Czech touches like wafer cookies or tiny bunches of currants. It is typically served in a tall parfait glass or a shorter ice cream dish, the latter of which has gotten a tasty new makeover as an upcycled candle holder at Boho Concept Store in too-cool-for-school Vršovice (also home to one of my favorite bookstores, Baobab).


Says Patricia Madarová, the shop's owner: “For me these bowls are very much a piece of nostalgia. As children, we used to eat ice-cream or pudding out of them. I don't think there was a household in former Czechoslovakia that didn't have them, especially throughout the 70's. But people have started throwing them out. I wanted to give them another chance.”


In order to do just that, she has been stocking up on vintage ice cream dishes at flea markets and bazaars around Prague and rescuing them from the attics of friends and family. Patricia then hand pours the ice-cream scented candles (vanilla, grapefruit, lemon zest, and lavender) into the dishes. “Once they burn down you can use the dish for ice cream or anything else,” she says.


The candles are a fun—calorie-free!—splurge (450 CZK) that offer an authentic taste of grandmotherly Czechoslovak style. And Boho Concept Store is well worth the visit. Hosting regular pop-up shops and sample sales for indie Czech designers, night shopping, and its own fashionable inventory of vintage clothes, jewelery, and accessories, this never-the-same-place-twice boutique never disappoints.


But by far the most pressing question I had for Patricia was, What is your favorite place in Prague for an ice cream sundae? I agree completely with her reply: “Ovocný Světozor on Vodičkova is an iconic must-have.”


Boho Concept Store

Francouzská 240/76, Prague 1
tel 733 206 929
hours Mon-Fri 11.00-19.00; Sat 13:00-18:00
tram 22, 4 to Krymská