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Edible Curiosity: Carp Jerky

Published on February 27th, 2014 in Shopping

  • Praha - Christmas sale of fish, 1936 (photo courtesy of ČTK - Czech News Agency)

  • Jihočeské Carp Jerky (photo courtesy of Jihočeské Jerky)

  • Stanislav with his catch (photo courtesy of Jihočeské Jerky facebook page)

  • "Take your carp on holiday!" | "Take your carp to the gym!" - Advertisements (photo: Jihočeské Jerky)


The holidays have long since come and gone, but if you missed out on trying the traditional Czech Christmas carp, don’t fret. Recently spotted while shopping in Prague: carp jerky! A kinder, gentler way to experience the unique flavor of this celebrated river fish – no clubbing, scaling, or deep frying required – the all-natural, gourmet jerky is made by the Jihočeské Jerky Company which also does pork and beef varieties. An informal tasting among friends deemed my fishy find “nicely spiced,” with a “pleasant aroma and good texture,” while being “easy to chew” and “good with beer.” Buy Jihočeské Carp Jerky (49 CZK/21g package) at any of Prague’s Sklizeno markets; I purchased mine at the Vodičkova branch where food lovers will enjoy browsing a fantastic assortment of farm-fresh meats, cheeses, produce, and Czech-made delicacies like pâtés and marmalades, or picking up locally roasted coffee and divine pastries from an array of Czech bakeries.



Vodičkova 709/33, Prague 1
tel 212 241 307
metro Můstek
hours Mon-Fri 8:00-20:30; Sat-Sun 10:00-20:00