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Czechoslovak Net Bags Make a Comeback

Published on December 05th, 2013 in Shopping

  • Síťovka (photo courtesy of Česká síťovka)

  • A rainbow of síťovka (photo courtesy of Česká síťovka)

  • Síťovka in a ball (photo courtesy of Česká síťovka)

  • Síťovka up close (photo courtesy of Česká síťovka)

Once a fashionable accessory for many Czechs, these days plastic bags are a pariah among the eco-conscious. One Prague-based company has actually made it its personal mission to eradicate them from existence entirely by bringing back the original síťovka, a reusable net bag that was ubiquitous in communist Czechoslovakia. Česká Síťovka produces síťovka for the modern user in a range of bold colors. Truthfully, this limp string thing, at first glance, hardly looks like it could hold a bunch of grapes. But I'm told that these eco-friendly shoppers, which conveniently shrink down to palm-size when empty and tuck neatly into your purse or pocket, are durable enough to hold two 2-liter bottles of water. While I have not personally tested this theory, you can see for yourself by picking one up from Boho Vintage Concept Store, Czech Labels & Friends, or a number of other trendy retailers around town. At about 76 CZK per bag, I can't think of a kitschier, more affordable souvenir. (It's also worth mentioning that these síťovka are made in workshops for the handicapped and a portion of the proceeds from each bag goes to charity.) If you are looking for something a little more high-end, indie Czech fashion label Reca makes bespoke t-shirts and dresses from síťovka.


Česká síťovka