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7 Truly Cheap Czech Items

Published on June 12th, 2014 in Shopping


Prague is consistently named as a great-value destination. In fact, the handy cost-of-living website Numbeo ranks the Czech capital as one of the cheapest European cities for public transport, dining out, and grocery shopping. While those who earn and spend the local currency may not think of Prague as super affordable, you can’t argue that some things – especially for visitors – are scandalously cheap. (And, yes, beer, at many places, still costs less than water.) Just for fun, I’ve compared some of the most shockingly inexpensive Prague items with their counterparts in NYC. 

Note to serious bakers: You will definitely want to stock up on poppy seeds!



Beer Tasting, vintage photo (photo courtesy of )


Price in CZK

Price in USD

Pint of Pilsner Urquell at Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

120 CZK


Pint of Pilsner Urquell at U Pinkasů (where the first Pilsner beer was poured)

45 CZK







Left: Fresh Direct buns | Right: Rohlíky

White bread roll

Price in CZK

Price in USD

Fresh Direct homemade sandwich bun

16 CZK


Tesco rohlík

1.50 CZK






Woman in Parlor Car during the late 1940s (photo courtesy of

Train Tickets

Price in CZK

Price in USD

First Class train ticket NYC to Boston (Amtrak Acela Express)

3,865 CZK


Premium Class train ticket Prague to Ostrava (LEO Express)

899 CZK







Don Giovanni at the National Theatre (photo courtesy of

Opera Tickets

Price in CZK

Price in USD

Don Giovanni at the Metropolitan Opera, front row orchestra seat

6,040 CZK


Don Giovanni at the National Theatre, front row orchestra seat

590 CZK







Left: Sabrett Hot Dog Stand - New York  | Right: Classic párek v rohlíku

Hot dog from street vendor

Price in CZK

Price in USD

Classic dirty water dog from Sabrett stand

40-50 CZK


Classic párek v rohlíku from Eurohotdog at Národní třída

15 CZK






Price in CZK

Price in USD

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard

36 CZK (8 oz squeeze bottle)

or 4.4 CZK/oz


$1.79 (8 oz squeeze bottle)

or $.22/oz


Alba Plus Hořčice

6.90 CZK (200 g container)

or 1 CZK/oz


Note: 200 g mustard = 7 oz

$0.34  (200 g container)

or $.05/oz








Poppy Seeds

Price in CZK

Price in USD

McCormick poppy seed

133 CZK (1.25 oz container)

or 106 CZK/oz


$6.59 (1.25 oz container)

or  $5.27/oz


Dr. Ensa mák

39.90 CZK (250 g bag)

or 5 CZK/oz


Note: 250 g poppy seeds = 8 oz

$1.98 (250 g bag)

or $0.25/oz