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ARTĚL Meet the Designer Series: Michaela Gorcová

Published on November 13th, 2014 in Interviews

  • Michaela Gorcová (photo courtesy of

  • Earrings from her Butterfly Wings Collection (photo courtesy of

  • Dragonfly Earrings from her Butterfly Wings Collection (photo courtesy of

  • Necklace and Bracelets from her Springs Collection (photo courtesy of

  • Bracelet from her Springs Collection (photo courtesy of

  • Earrings from her Foliage Collection (photo courtesy of

Designer Michaela Gorcová has been turning heads with her whimsical, sophisticated jewelry collections for the last several years. She’s most known for her butterfly wing collection which features delicate and detailed earrings and necklaces in the shape of wings. I recently had a chance to chat with Michaela and learn more about her background and the inspiration behind her gorgeous designs.



KF: What is your background – how did you get started working in jewelry? What are the inspirations behind your designs?

MG: I grew up in the countryside. I used to spent hours observing. Just a few examples that came through common childhood activities – the water in streams, the architecture of flowers, flocks of birds flying away... The fascination of seeing and feeling the world with every sense, very steadily and continuously, in my case.

I started to create my first jewelry in 1997, while studying at VŠUP (The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) under the leadership of professor V.K. Novák. Everything came together and evolved through the new possibilities I discovered as a result of the freedom of artistic expression.

After my studies I faced reality; I tried to fully understand the craft of jewelry and find my own signature style.



KF: Where do you make your jewelry? Do you have a studio in Prague?

MG: I have my own studio and showroom in Prague 7, in the Orco building - the building formerly housing Prague’s electric company, commonly referred to by its address, Bubenska 1. I share it with jewelry designers Markéta Richterová, who is behind the brand BlueBerries, and Nastasia Aleinikava.



KF: What is your process? Does it start with an idea, a shape, the material...?

MG: My collection Springs, for example, came to life by coincidence. I was traveling through Prague once, using public transportation and right next to me was a lady that had an earring cast of two spirals inside each other.

In that moment, I got a vision of a necklace. A very simple system of pieces of spirals twisting into each other. One after the other. Like putting a key on a key ring. Spring as a piece, part of a complex structure. It was an opportunity, a challenge.




New pieces from 2014 | L-R: Hydrangea earrings (gold plated), Africa earrings (gold plated), Butterfly Wings (gold plated)



KF: What are you working on now? Are you creating some new pieces?

MG: My next main collection Naturalia, is something like a counterpoint to the Springs collection. It is wings, leaves and flowers. This collection is constantly growing. What is new, for example, are hydrangea and gooseberry flowers. 

Both collections, just like some of my other jewelry, change through time, they have a new look. Thanks to gold plate technology they got a new exclusive look. And so, I keep on searching for new creative ways for how to connect the world of nature with new modern technology.



KF: Who are some of your favorite Czech designers?

MG: I have many favourite jewelers, most of them are my former classmates. I admire the work of Zorya very much.



KF: What else do you do besides design jewelry?

MG: Before I realised I wanted to make jewelry, I worked as a creative designer for a plating company offering artistic metals processing in 2003, after finishing my studies. Then I got a lot of experience while working in a goldsmith‘s studio. I also worked in interior design for a year and I was a teacher of art and technology at VOŠ (College of Arts and Technology). Nowadays, I occasionally work for the film industry.


I have been practicing Tai-chi since 2000. I move in circles, semicircles, waves, and spirals while practicing. One move follows the other, just like my jewelry. Both involve concentration and meditation.
Otherwise, I spend my free time with my family; I have a two-year old son.



Michaela’s jewelry can be found in our three ARTĚL retail shops in the heart of downtown Prague.