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ARTĚL Meet the Designer Series: Janja Prokič

Published on February 26th, 2015 in Interviews

  • Janja Prokič (photo courstey of

  • Flowers Collection (photo courtesy of

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  • Superpowers Collection - Rings (photo courtesy of

  • Superpowers Collection - Ring (photo courtesy of

  • Superpowers Collection - Rings (photo courtesy of

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  • Flowers Collection - Necklace (photo courtesy of


Designer Janja Prokič has been taking the Czech jewelry scene by storm. Her pieces are incredibly distinctive. You can always recognize a Janja Prokič; each necklace, brooch, ring or pair of earrings looks like it has emerged from another world and is truly a work of art. For our February Meet the Designer Series I sat down with this Belgrade-born designer to learn more about her work and world.



KF: You were born in Belgrade but have lived in Prague since 1993. How did you come to live in the Czech Republic? Where feels like home for you?

JP: I came with my parents because of the war in our country. I still don’t know where is my home even though I have lived in Prague for twenty-one years.


KF: Your arts education background is really varied: you studied ceramics and porcelain, painting, sculpture and then finally in the K.O.V department with Eva Eisler. Was making jewelry a desire from the beginning or something you found along the way?

JP: I started making some fun stuff when I was a teenager and it worked quite well for many years. I worked with beads and polymer clay. Then I was making realistic bird heads as brooches for a couple of years and then I took a jewelry course at UMPRUM (The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design) and started doing what I do now. At the time I was studying painting and sculpture. After the jewelry course I decided to study at Eva Eisler’s studio for the last year of my studies.




Necklaces from Flower & Superpowers Collections - Available at ARTĚL retail shops



KF: What is your process? Do you start with an idea, the materials, a shape…?

JP: There is always some topic that I’m interested in and I read quite a lot about it. Then I dream about it very often and that’s how the visual part comes to life.


KF: Where do you work? Do you have a studio in Prague?

JP: I work at home in the beginning stages and then in workshops depending on the tools I need. Right now I am working on establishing my own workshop with a showroom, which I hope will come together very soon.

KF: Who are some of your favorite Czech designers?

JP: In fashion I like Narnish, Zuzana Kubíčková and Pavel Ivančic. Amongst jewelry designers I like ZORYA, Nastassia Aleinikava and Štěpán Růžička. Then I really like the work of designers Klara Šumová, Michaela Tomišková and I love the vases from Milan Pekař! Amongst young architects I really like Lenka Míková, and Pavel Nový from 0,5 studio.   



Janja at work (photos courtesy of



KF: What are you working on now?

JP: I am currently preparing materials for a new collection and getting ready for a few very interesting exhibitions that I will participate in this spring. Last month I was in London exhibiting as part of London Fashion Week. At the end of March I am in Florence, Italy (with Ondřej Batoušek) and in the beginning of April I will be presenting in Plzeň as part of Křehký’s exhibition for “Plzeň město klutury 2015” (Plzeň Capital of Culture 2015). I am one of four designers who was asked to make a unique installation for this exhibition. I am making a brand new piece/installation so you should visit because it’s a surprise!


KF: What do you like to do in your free time?

JP: Take trips to nature, books, food.   



Janja’s jewelry can be found in our three ARTĚL retail shops in the heart of downtown Prague.