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Prague Zoo

Published on August 15th, 2014 in Entertainment

  • Book Cover, c.1930

  • Map of Prague Zoo (photo courtesy of

  • Entrance (photo courtesy of

  • Deer (photo from "Zoo" by Miro Gregor, 1969)

  • Elephant relaxing (photo courtesy of

  • Flying Chairs (photo courtesy of

  • Pony ride! (photo courtesy of

  • Giraffes (photo by Tomáš Adamec, courtesy of Prague Zoo facebook page)

  • Tickets (photo courtesy of

Lions and tigers and flying chairs – oh my! Prague has a great zoo, and if you’ve got youngsters traveling with you, it’s a great destination (especially if you travel by boat to get there). The zoo is big enough that it’ll be difficult to fit it all in during one visit; be certain to get a map when you buy your tickets, so you can be sure to hit the exhibitions that interest you most. I’m a big fan of the petting zoo, where 5 CZK gets you a handful of nibbles to feed the goats and sheep. They also offer pony rides (20 CZK), a miniature tram ride (10 CZK), and even a kiddie pool – so if your little ones love the water, you’ll want to bring a change of clothes. But without question, my favorite attraction here is the Flying Chairs ride (20 CZK; free for children under 6), which is tranquil on the way up, picturesque on the way down, and offers a stunning panoramic view of Prague – I was completely enchanted and went on it three times!



Prague Zoo

U Trojského zámku 3, Prague 7, Troja
tel 296 112 111
hours Daily: 09:00–17:00 (Mar); 09:00–18:00 (Apr, May, Sept, Oct); 09:00–19:00 (Jun– Aug); 09:00–16:00 (Nov–Feb)
entrance fee  200 CZK Adults; 150 CZK Children; 100 CZK Dogs; 3 and under Free
map 5 CZK (Get it!)
metro Nádraží Holešovice
bus 112 to Zoologická zahrada

note: I recommend taking either a taxi or a boat.
travel time 15–20 min by taxi; 75 min by boat