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Lucie Bílá: Czech Diva Extraordinaire

Published on November 12th, 2015 in Entertainment

  • Lucie Bílá - Casting photo, c1990 (photo courtesy of

  • Lucie Bílá - 1987 Album cover (photo courtesy of

  • Lucie Bílá - 1992 Missariel Album cover (photo courtesy of

  • Lucie Bílá - Poslední vlak {The Last Train}, 1989 (video still from youtube)

  • Lucie Bílá, 1994 (photo courtesy of

  • Lucie Bílá with Karel Gott (photo courtesy of

  • Lucie as Aida (photo courtesy of Lucie Bílá facebook page)

  • Lucie in The Addams Family (photo courtesy of Lucie Bílá facebook page)

Lucie Bílá is one of the best-selling, most celebrated pop stars in the Czech Republic. Even if you're a foreigner who doesn't keep up with Czech charts it's hard to miss her, the woman is everywhere!


Not only has she starred in Czech versions of stage musicals like Carmen, Aida, and The Addams Family, she is also a multiple-award-winning solo performer, film actress, and television variety show host. Think Barbara Streisand or Madonna with Susan Sarandon's googly eyes. Though I feel like it's impossible to find and American celeb who has such range.


One of her greatest hits is the 1985 track “Neposlušné tenisky” (Naughty Sneakers) about a girl whose boyfriend gives her a special pair of sneakers for her name day that always take her back to him – no matter how naughty she wants to be.





She also does a wildly popular Czech cover version of Prince's “Alphabet Street” (Láska je láska, or Love is Love) that showcases her impressive rapping skills. The campy video takes place on Prague's Petřín Hill.





I actually spotted Ms. Bílá once in the most unlikeliest of places—Prague's GUMA store, a shop that specializes in rubber goods and inflatable toys. While I have no clue what she was buying, I noticed that she ran in while, true to diva form, her driver waited outside.


And of course, like all of the world's pop icons, she continues to reinvent herself with the new looks, marriages, concert tours, and TV, film, and theater appearances that have defined her nearly 40 years in Czech show biz.


To listen to her latest visit: – and turn it up!