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5 Czech Retro-Fabulous Music Videos Not To Be Missed

Published on June 26th, 2014 in Entertainment

The mullets! The micro-minis! The synthesizers! If you are addicted to bygone eras and ghosts of fashion past (particularly the kind that should stay well in the past) then these Czech music videos will make your day. Though it’s not all hilarity and hairdos – many of them were produced during the Soviet era and reflect not only how communist Czechoslovakia looked and sounded, but the sorts of fluff entertainment that was approved by government censors.


Michal David – Discopříběh (Disco Story, 1987)

From the Discopříběh soundtrack


This movie about a teenage love triangle takes place largely at a discotheque and is half Footloose, half Pretty in Pink and all ’80s camp. A summer blockbuster when it debuted, the song is performed by one of the era’s biggest pop stars, Michal David, who now appears on the Czech version of The Voice.




Lucie Bílá – Neposlušné tenisky (Naughty Sneakers, 1985)

A Czech pop queen on the scale of Madonna or Kylie Minogue, Bílá is these days better known for her star turns in Czech musical theater. This chart-topper is about a girl whose boyfriend gives her a special pair of sneakers for her name day that always take her back to him – no matter how naughty she wants to be!




Pavel Horňák – Tričko (T-shirt, 1986)

Let’s just say that Horňák, once a huge child star à la Justin Bieber and now a high-profile judge, has thus far turned out better than his Canadian counterpart. Bonus: This video features a fashion show with top models of the day strutting the catwalk in impressive shoulder pads.



Bossa Nova from the film Starci na chmelu (High Schoolers on Hops, 1964)

This 1960’s Czech cinema classic tells the tale – in song – of teenagers on the “hops brigade”, a group sent by the government to help harvest hops in the name of a brighter Socialist tomorrow. Naturally, the female lead falls in love with an unsuitable fella and West Side Story meets Dirty Dancing ensues. Kitschy, bee-hivey fun!




Jan Hammer – Drive (1994)

Born in Prague, the Grammy-winning Czech composer Jan Hammer emigrated to the U.S. in 1968. He won international fame in the 1980s for the Miami Vice theme song. Among Hammer’s lesser-known work is the early ’90s synth-heavy single, “Drive”, the video for which shows Králíček’s famous Cubist lamppost on Jungmannovo street come to life and doing a funky dance around Prague.