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Prague's First Foodie Tour

Published on April 24th, 2014 in Dining & Drinking



Tourist season is upon us, and with it comes visitors who expect things like tour recommendations and insider tips. While I like to think that I am quick with the restaurant, shopping, and hotel picks – tours are a different story. I had yet to come across one that was worthy of a mention. Until now.


“A nice walk with friends over some great food” is how food-and-wine enthusiasts, (make that fanatics!) Jan and Zuzi bill their Taste of Prague food and culture tours. I'd say that this description hits the mark. The 4-hour ToP tour, limited to just four people plus a guide, presents Czech history and cuisine, from delicacies to drinks to desserts, in a wholly unique and truly appetizing way. 




I recently joined Jan and a group of visiting Americans for an outing that started with small bites at two of Prague's newest gourmet venues and ended with dessert at one of the city's Grand Dame cafes. In between, we were treated to sips of retro Czechoslovak soft drinks – and, for those braver than I, shots of homemade slivovice – and lunch at a farm-to-table restaurant that I have visited repeatedly but, thanks to Jan's superior knowledge of the menu, felt like I was experiencing for the first time.


As we ate our way through a delicious meal of slow-roasted meats and Czech sides, Jan supplied a visual feast of throwback commercials and classic Czech cinema clips courtesy of his iPad. These clever and engaging mini presentations combined with lots of fun banter between locations, and Jan's seamless dealings with restaurant staff and bill-paying made for both a highly personal and professional experience.




While my counterparts seemed entertained by all aspects of the tour, what exactly did the whole thing have to offer a long-time local like myself?


I admittedly learned a few things (Did you know that the Czech Republic is a leading exporter of snails?) and came away from my Taste of Prague day satisfied in more ways than one. Though Jan does tell me that they will soon launch a tour just for locals, I believe that this particular excursion is for anyone, local, non-local, or Czech, who appreciates good food and Czech history served up in a clever and engaging way. 

But do not take my word for it as the ToP Tour is currently the #3 most popular Prague attraction on Trip Advisor!




The 2,550 CZK/person fee includes a follow-up e-mail with notes on all of the places visited and dishes sampled, handy Prague tips – which make the tour worth doing on the first day of your Prague stay – recipes, and a promise that the information supplied is regularly updated. Special requests and alternative routes can be accommodated with enough advance notice (e.g. Jan tells me that he once arranged a tour for a family with young children that involved filling cream puffs!).


My only disappointment is that I found out about the tour too late to include it in my book. Sigh.



Taste of Prague 

Prague Culture and Food Tour & Private Wine Tours in Moravia
tel 603 252 810 (Jan), 775 577 275 (Zuzi)
See where Jan and Zuzi are eating at Four Square:


Tip: If you're planning a trip to Prague do not overlook Jan and Zuzi's fabulous blog devoted to food and lifestyles (but mostly food) in Prague and beyond.


* All images courtesy of Taste of Prague