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Piškoty: Beloved by People and Puppies

Published on May 15th, 2014 in Dining & Drinking

  • First layer of piškoty cake

  • Mrs. Mlada giving Puppy his piškoty

  • Opravia Piškoty

  • A delicious bowl of No-Bake Apricot Piškoty Cake

  • Even babies love it!


Teething babies and peckish tots aren’t the only little ones who enjoy munching on piškoty—classic Czech cookies, made from whole-wheat flour and sweetened meringue—they are also quite popular among the four-legged set. Just ask my own Brussels Griffon, Puppy, who gets his regular biscuit fix from a dog-loving ceramics shop clerk near ARTĚL’s back office.


I recently asked Mrs. Mlada, who has been treating neighborhood pups to piškoty for three years, what inspired her to indulge our furry little friends. “It began as a coincidence—we usually have our windows open due to the heat from the ovens and the smell from the colors, and curious dogs would poke their heads in to check things out. So one day I asked the owner if I could give the dog a piškot and she agreed. Ever since I have gained a loyal following who stop by on their daily walks. I used to have three dogs myself, so it simply makes my day to see those happy wagging tails.”



 Dogs queuing up at Puppy's local piškoty hang-out 


And exactly how many bags of piškoty does dear Mrs. Mlada go through in a day? She says that it depends on which dogs visit. Some animals, like my Pupino, only take one while others tend to binge. (Not surprisingly, and luckily for Mrs. M., most Czech pet stores sell piškoty in bulk – although Puppy and she both prefer the Opavia brand.)


More piškoty trivia: The most popular and beloved brand is Opavia, named for the town of Opava where they have been produced in the Czech Republic’s largest biscuit factory since the late 19th century. Piškoty come in a wide variety of flavors including cocoa and gluten-free. You can occasionally find bags of warm freshly baked piškoty, sugar-crusted and shaped more like lady fingers, in Prague bakeries. I once sampled some at out-of-the-way Cukrárna Klapkova—a rare treat!


Finally, piškoty, like the American graham cracker or English digestive, can be used as a foundation for numerous Czech desserts including this traditional refrigerator cake. Try it, you won’t be disappointed although please note that it is not dog friendly!



No-Bake Apricot Piškoty Cake


Prep time: 15 minutes


1 240 g bag of piškoty (you will have leftovers)
4 cups (950 g) of sour cream
3–3 ½ heaping tablespoons powdered sugar, to taste
1 425 ml can of apricots or fresh fruit of your choice





1. Line the bottom of a 23-cm (9-in) springform pan with tin foil. Cover the foil with a layer of piškoty, rounded side up. You may need to break the cookies in order to fill in any holes as the entire bottom of the pan should be completely covered.

2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the sour cream and powdered sugar. Mix well.

3. Drain the canned apricots, reserving the syrup. Slice the apricots, approximately ½-cm thick. Place half of the apricots over the bottom layer of piškoty. Drizzle 1 ½ –2 tablespoons of apricot syrup over the apricots and piškoty.

4. Spread a layer of sour cream over the fruit and cookie layers; the piškoty and apricots should not be visible.

5. Repeat until you run out of ingredients (you should have enough for 1–2 additional layers) making sure that the top layer is sour cream.

6. Cover with tin foil and refrigerate overnight. Carefully remove from the pan, slice, and serve.


Dobrou chuť!



So Your Own Dog Can Get His Piskoty Fix
Náměstí Jiřího z Lobkovic 1, Prague 3
(Ground Floor the window will be open to the street)

hours Mon-Fri: 8:00-16:00

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