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NaGrilu: Slow Fast Food in Prague

Published on October 22th, 2015 in Dining & Drinking

  • NaGrilu (photo courtesy of NaGrilu facebook page)

  • Chicken breast with roasted potatoes, beets, and rosemary (photo by Paul L., courtesy of

  • Top Topic Raspberry, Top Topic Orange and Kofola

  • NaGrilu (photo courtesy of NaGrilu facebook page)

  • NaGrilu

  • NaGrilu - lots of sauces!


I must admit that I have never been a fan of the communist-era soft drink Kofola, a dark bittersweet cola that most Czechs swear by and get very nostalgic about (and will always tell you that if you find it on tap you must try it)!


In recent years Kofola has launched quite a rebranding campaign and has even opened a chain of juice and salad bars and a brand spanking new “slow fast food” restaurant in downtown Prague, NaGrilu. We recently stopped by and apart from a couple little quirks the experience did not disappoint.


The concept is farmhouse casual with cozy touches like picket fences around the seating areas, chalkboard menu displays, gingham plates, and gleaming metallic fixtures. Definitely more stylish than your average KFC which I mention because like the Colonel, NaGrilu specializes in chicken and sides and, naturally, Kofola and its retro soft-drink cousin Top Topic (orange or raspberry) on draught.


Given its location on Jindřišská Street, near the main post office – a truly historic and gorgeous space that you should sneak a peek at if you happen to be passing down this street – the menu and staff are friendly and speak English and will even encourage you to sample all the Kofola drinks. Beer is available, too (Bernard, 35 CZK/0.5L, a steal for the center).



photos courtesy of NaGrilu facebook page 


For the price range and how quickly it came out, the food was quite good. Menu options range from a 1/2 chicken to wings and breasts or a sandwich, all grilled and topped with the sauce of your choice.


Side dishes include roasted french fries in a paper cone, baked beets and potatoes with rosemary, or an onion-bacon mash. The desserts, a berry-glazed poppy seed cake and golden spongy apple confection were delicious. Breakfast and brunch are served (including Czech pancakes) as are traditional Czech starters like grilled hermelín cheese.


All ingredients are said to be sourced locally and certainly tasted fresh and well-made (chickens are of Czech origin and corn-fed), though to be honest the fries, which are baked, quickly wilted and became chewy. The fiery chilli sauces are ultra-spicy; make sure to try them before adding to your chicken.


The second-floor dining room with the view over Jindřišská is the place to sit. Food and drink is delivered to your table after you put in your order. And while I had a truly pleasant experience at NaGrilu, I'm still not a convert to Kofola, though I am very much a fan of the raspberry (“malinovka”) flavored Top Topic, another Czech classic!



¼ chicken with frittes 135 CZK


Chicken sandwich with bacon and onion mash  149 CZK


Chicken breast with roasted potatoes, beets, and rosemary 135 CZK


Small soup 29 CZK


Poppyseed cake 29 CZK


Apple cake 29 CZK




Jindřišská 907/10
tel 736 501 847
hours Mon-Fri 8:00 – 21:00; Sat 9:00 – 21:00; Sun 11:00 – 21:00
metro A/B to Můstek;

tram 3, 9, 14 to Vodičkova