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Králík v rádiu: Prague's Kid Friendliest Cafe

Published on June 18th, 2015 in Dining & Drinking

  • Welcome to Rabbit in the Radio

  • Znělka the rabbit

  • Chloe with Znělka the rabbit

  • Yes, its doggy friendly too (photo courtesy of Králík v rádiu facebook page)

  • Dogs hanging out

  • Delicious slice of cake (photo courtesy of Králík v rádiu facebook page)

  • Pancakes with fresh strawberries

  • Delicious homemade lemonade

  • Lentil soup (photo courtesy of Králík v rádiu facebook page)

  • Quiches and cakes on offer (photo courtesy of Králík v rádiu facebook page)

  • Playtime (photo courtesy of Králík v rádiu facebook page)

  • Art time in the playroom (photo courtesy of Králík v rádiu facebook page)


Much has been made of Prague's Vršovice district's up-and-comingness; I have even covered two of its more noteworthy establishments, Boho Concept Store and Baobob bookstore. Personally I think that, unless you're a bar hopper or raw food enthusiast, the neighborhood has little to offer. However, I've found myself making multiple trips to this area lately for one reason: Králík v rádiu (Rabbit in a radio) cafe, my family's new favorite place for a light bite and some heavy playing.


As someone who has admittedly become a veteran of the dětský koutek (children's corner) I must say this one is among the best in Prague. Not only is it enormous by local standards, the space is furnished with cozy vintage 1960’s couches and low tables that allow parents to enjoy coffee and cake while keeping an eye on their little ones. Although if you prefer to sit in the dining area and enjoy your refreshments in peace and quiet, there's usually a minder on hand. Your child will no doubt be captivated, as mine is, by the myriad vintage rocking horses, pint-sized farmer's market stand, the custom-built playhouse, costume corner, coloring station, and modern-design toys.


Kids playroom (photos courtesy of Králík v rádiu facebook page)


The food is wholesome and kid-friendly across the board—lots of creamy rice and pasta dishes, classic Czech soups, baked goods, and quiche. All this home cooking is served in a charmingly retro open-kitchen setting that includes the namesake vintage radio and the resident rabbit, Znělka. Service can occasionally be slow but with so much to occupy fidgety kids this is an oversight we can forgive.


If you're staying in Prague with tiny travelers and are up for an adventure, I highly recommend lunch or a snack and play here. I would suggest making a reservation, especially during weekdays when the local play dates are out in full force. Weekends tend to be quieter, though the owners do organize some magazine-spread-worthy birthday parties so you never know.


Chloe in the playroom | Chloe with Znělka the rabbit  


Note that the play area isn't free—if you sit in the kid's corner, you are charged a nominal fee depending on how much you spend on refreshment (on a 200 CZK bill you pay 50 CZK), and if you sit in the dining area and your child (or children) play, it's a flat fee of 50 CZK. Králík v rádiu also has a drop-off babysitting service. Leave your little one there for up to 3 hours for 100 CZK/hour while sampling the neighborhood's numerous hipster cafes!


Králík v rádiu

Charkovská 18, 101 00 Pragueálík-v-rádiu
tel + 420 732 428 929
hours Mon–Fri 9:00–20:00; Sat–Sun 10:00–20:00
tram: 22, 4 to Krymská