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Eating Ice Cream in Prague

Published on July 07th, 2016 in Dining & Drinking

  • Children with ice cream cones, Louisiana, 1938 (photo: Russell Lee,

  • The ice cream girl, c.1913 (photo: Unknown,

  • Angelato ice cream (photo: Angelato website)

  • Angelato ice cream (photo: Angelato website)

  • Farm boys eating ice-cream cones, Indiana, 1941 (photo: John Vachon,

  • Zmrzlinář ice cream (photo: Zmrzlinář facebook page)

  • Enjoing ice cream (Photos courtesy of the Life Image Archives,

  • Crème de la Crème ice cream (photo: Crème de la Crème facebook page)

  • Puro Ice cream (photo:Puro facebook page)

  • Enjoing ice cream (Photos courtesy of the Life Image Archives,

  • Parlor Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich (photo: Parlor Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches facebook page)

  • St. Ann's Farm's award-winning goat-milk chocolate ice cream (photo: Farmářské tržiště facebook page)


Here's the scoop—gourmet ice cream has come to Prague in a big way and you will be hard pressed to find a place that doesn't offer a strawberry-basil or lavender-mint among the perennial favorites of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.


Most ice cream parlors serve more of an Italian gelato-style scoop that is a bit smooth and soft by American standards. Anyone who likes texture in their ice cream will notice a difference.


The delectable thing about Czech ice cream parlors is that many also serve coffee and cocktails or, if you find yourself at a proper sweet shop (cukrárna), cake.


Here are some new and notable ice cream parlors to try—in addition, see our post on classic Czech frozen treats.


(And as for the now infamous Frankencone, soft-serve ice cream in a Czech funnel cake, you're on your own there!)

The Frankencone (photo courtesy of:




This pioneering ice cream parlor is widely considered the best in Prague and serves consistently great gelato and sorbet if you can handle the long lines. On a recent visit mango-avocado was a surprise hit. (Small visitors appreciated the chocolate-dipped sprinkle cone!) The Újezd location gets added bonus points for its proximity to Petřín Hill.



photos: Angelato website


Rytířská 27 and Újezd 24, Prague
tel +420 224 235 123
tel +420 777 787 344
hours Mon – Sun 11:00 – 22:00
metro A/B to Mustek (Rytířská)
tram 20, 22 to Újezd (Újezd)




A newly opened Vinohrady ice cream shop that is the Prague outpost of Czech ice cream makers 2AD, this ice cream hails from a small village outside the capital. Frequently hyped by local foodies, I was a bit disappointed on my recent visit, the ice cream (which leans toward the fruitier side) and décor was nothing special, though a companion raved about their tvaroh and vanilla flavors. For the Instagram set.



photos: Zmrzlinář facebook page


Slezská 15, Prague 2
tel +420 733 785 657
hours Daily 11:00 – 20:00
metro A to Jiriho z podebrad



Crème de la Crème Prague

The latest incarnation of this long-running Old Town ice cream parlor is already garnering raves for its lavender, pistachio, and vanilla flavors. In fact it won the prize for best vanilla at June's Prague Ice Cream Festival. They also make a beer-lemonade shandy ice cream, a refreshing twist for summer and offer vegan flavors as well.



photos: Crème de la Crème facebook page 



Husova 231/12, Prague 1
tel +420 224 211 035
metro Staromestka
Cash only




Last season's newcomer continues to be a hit on the foodie circuit. The Puro people claim that their ice cream—including a heavenly blueberry cream—is made with no preservatives, hence the name, but what's most appealing to me is the retro ice cream parlor vibe and the fact that you can combine two flavors in one single generous scoop. Located along the river in the quaint Výtoň area beneath the Vyšehrad fortress, cap off a scenic stroll with a cone.



photos: Puro facebook page


Na Hrobci 410/1 Prague

tel +420 721 438 209
hours Open Daily 10:00-20:00
tram 3,7,17 to Výtoň



Ovocný Světozor

No one will accuse this old-school Czech sweet shop of being too healthy, but if you want to experience sugar shock in gaudy Technicolor—the seating is like something out of a Connery-era Bond film—this is your place. I recently tried their new poppy seed flavor and it was delightful; the strawberry-banana soft serve is a beloved Czech classic. With multiple locations around Prague this one is my favorite for its location in historic Světozor passage which is connected to the lovely Franciscan gardens.



photos: Ovocný Světozor website 



Vodičkova 39, Prague 1
tel + 420 774 444 874
hours Mon – Fri 8:00 – 21:00, Sat – Sun 9 :00 – 21:00
tram to 3,9 to Vodičkova;

metro A/C to Mustek



Parlor Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

I hesitated to put this place on my list simply because the stylish photos on its Facebook page did not live up to the actual experience. While Parlor's savvy pre-launch marketing was enough to get me to Karlin, their misguided take on ice cream sandwiches won't get me back! The tiny cookies were far too hard and crunchy, the ice cream melted too quickly, and the topping option was bizarre. This is to say nothing of the fact that despite their offering of twelve flavors you can't just buy a cone or bowl of ice cream. But if you are easily swayed by gimmicks and hipster décor then stop by and do let me know what you think.



photos: Parlor Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches facebook page


Křižíkova 197/37, Prague 8
hours Mon – Sat 10:00 – 10:00; Sun 10:00 – 20:00
tram 3,8 to Křižíkova Namesti



Prague Farmer's Markets

The Prague farmer's markets are a great place to sample local ice cream vendors in the summer months. Try St. Ann's Farm's, goat-milk chocolate ice cream which won a silver medal at the Prague Ice Cream Festival this year at a number of the city's most popular markets and healthful Fruta Libra sorbet at the Naplavka Farmers Market.



Right: Crème de la Crème Prague at Naplavka  |  Left: St. Ann's Farm's, goat-milk chocolate ice cream (photos: Farmářské tržiště facebook page)