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Dessert for Dinner: 5 Classic Czech Children’s Meals

Published on July 16th, 2015 in Dining & Drinking

  • Lunch time at the kindergarten in the town of Blovice, 1983 (photo source: ČTK | Czech News Agency)

  • Breakfast in the town of Ústí nad Labem, 1949 (photo source: ČTK | Czech News Agency)

  • School Czech cafeteria, vintage photo (photo courtesy of


Is it dinner or a dessert? A fair question when it comes to these sweet Czech meals, typically served in schools and featured on children’s menus—although, truthfully, many Czech adults I know regularly indulge in them for nostalgia’s sake.



Potato “Pine Cones” with Poppy Seeds

Bramborové šišky s mákem


This potato gnocchi topped with ground poppy seeds and vanilla sugar is true Czech comfort food.

The Old Town retro-style cafeteria Havelská Koruna regularly features them on their menu under “sweet options”; I’ve occasionally seen a more sophisticated version offered as a special at Cafe Savoy.


Bramborové šišky s mákem (photo courtesy of


Restaurant Havelská Koruna
Havelská 21 & 23, Prague 1 
tel 224 239 331
hours Mon – Sun 10:00 – 20:00
metro Můstek



Egg Noodles with Poppy Seeds and Butter

Nudle s mákem

Czech nursery food at its finest. A recipe for this easy-to-make dish is included in our post 5 Must-Try Poppy Seed Treats. Noodles restaurant in the Hotel Yasmin has poppy-seed noodles on its World Noodles Menu—not having tried it, I can’t personally vouch for their version, though I think it’s just about impossible to mess up noodles with butter, sugar and a sprinkle of poppy seeds!



Nudle s mákem (photo courtesy of


Noodles Restaurant
Politických vězňů 913/12, Prague 1
tel 234 100 110
hours Daily 6:30 – 23:00
metro Muzeum



Fruit Cheese Curd Dumplings

Ovocné knedlíky


Served as both a main dish and a dessert, these dumplings are a delicious way to use up seasonal produce and you will find them made with fresh plum, strawberry, cherry, and apricot fillings, though strawberry seems to be the local favorite. To the usual toppings of powdered sugar and melted butter, Cafe Savoy adds grated Czech-style gingerbread to their fruit dumplings.


Ovocné knedlíky (photo courtesy of


Cafe Savoy
Vítězná 124/5, Prague 5, Malá Strana
tel 257 311 562
hours Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 22:30; Sat & Sun: 9:00 – 22:30
tram 6, 9, 12, 20, 22 to Ujezd



Semolina Porridge with Cocoa

Krupicová kaše

Czech children are given this warm bowl of chocolatey, creamy goodness not just for breakfast but for a bedtime snack too. It is also a popular meal in Czech maternity wards where it is served to new mothers. Typically the porridge is sprinkled with Granko, the Czech version of Nestle Quick, and melted butter; Cafe Lounge offers it on their breakfast menu with cinnamon and melted butter.


Krupicová kaše (photo courtesy of


It tastes much better then it looks – It’s actually delicious!


Cafe Lounge
Plaská 615/8, Prague 5, Malá Strana  
tel 257 404 020
hours Mon – Fri: 7:30 – 22:00; Sat: 9:00 – 22:00; Sun: 9:00 – 17:00
tram 6, 9, 12, 20, 22 to Ujezd



Little Buns with Custard Sauce

Buchtičky se šodó 

Most Czechs get misty-eyed with nostalgia when talking about this kindergarten classic, tiny buns made from a yeast dough (kind of like a mini dinner roll) smothered in a thick, sweet custard. Traditionally served on Mondays (a meat-free day during the Socialist era due to the fact that butcher shops were closed through the weekend and refrigerators were small and scarce), these are not easy to come by at restaurants, although I am told that the original Home Kitchen location occasionally does a tasty version for brunch, though it is not a regular menu item.


Buchtičky se šodó (photo courtesy of Havelská Koruna)


Home Kitchen
Jugmannova 8, Prague 1, Nové Město
tel 734 714 227
hours Mon – Fri: 7:30 – 22:00
metro Můstek