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Česká Kuchyně | Havelská Koruna

Published on July 23th, 2015 in Dining & Drinking

  • Česká Kuchyně | Havelská Koruna (photo courtesy of

  • Česká Kuchyně | Havelská Koruna (photo courtesy of

  • Svíčková - Sirloin in cream sauce (photo courtesy of

  • Guláš with bread dumplings (photo courtesy of

  • Rizek - Pork schnitzel with potato salad (photo courtesy of

  • Fried Chicken with potatoes (photo courtesy of

  • Česká Kuchyně | Havelská Koruna (photo courtesy of

  • Česká Kuchyně | Havelská Koruna (photo courtesy of


If you really want to eat where the locals eat, look no further than this cafeteria where ALL options are well below 100 CZK. When you enter, you will be handed a ticket – don’t lose it or you’ll need to pay a 500 CZK penalty – and then collect a tray, peruse the various food stations, and select whatever captures your fancy.


They offer sweet and savory options, both warm and cold. I definitely recommend indulging in a sweet lunch of Ovocné knedlíky s tvarohem a máslem (fruit dumplings with shredded quark cheese and butter), as it is excellent and only 29 CZK; if you fancy something savory, they offer all the Czech classics, including guláš and svíčková. Pilsner beer is on tap for 36 CZK for a .5 liter glass. After paying, take a seat in one of the many seating areas and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner with very few tourists in sight. Shockingly, they have signage in English – bonus!





Restaurant Havelská Koruna
Havelská 21 & 23, Prague 1
tel 224 239 331
hours Mon – Sun 10:00 – 20:00
metro Můstek