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6 Classic Czech Beer Snacks

Published on January 09th, 2014 in Dining & Drinking



These classic savory snacks go great with beer and are typically priced well under 100 CZK, so why not try several?


Nakládaný hermelín


Pickled Camembert cheese with onions and peppers served with rye bread.



Utopenec (literally, “drowning man”)


A thick pork sausage pickled with onions and peppers and served cold with rye bread.


Pivní sýr


“Beer cheese” is a semi-soft cheese served with chopped white onions, paprika, and mustard. Mash them all up with a fork, together with a splash of beer from your glass, and then spread the mixture on rye bread. Fun!


Topinky s česnekem


Fried rye bread with garlic – often served with a raw clove of garlic for you to rub on the bread. Also fun!




Traditional grilled sausages served with mustard and a slice of rye bread.


Škvarkové sádlo


Lard with cracklings – shockingly, also served with rye bread. Only for the brave.