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5-star coffee, 5-star service, 5-star café

Published on November 27th, 2014 in Dining & Drinking

  • La Boheme Café (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • La Boheme Café (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • La Boheme Café (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • Brewing the perfect cup (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • Coffee art (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • A lovely cup of tea (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • La Boheme Café Hours (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • La Boheme Café (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)


There’s a new cafe in town, and amongst the plethora of coffee spots that have been popping up all over the city, this one definitely has boasting rights. Located in Prague’s always trendy Vinohrady district, La Boheme Café offers great atmosphere, unprecedented service and above all, exceptional coffee.


On the day of my visit when I came inside, the barista smiled at me through the glass wall that looks into the second room of the spacious, high-ceilinged venue. Just moments after taking a seat on a comfy couch she came over to take my order. I settled on an Almond Milk Iced Latte (60 CZK ), which was one of the items on their “summer and coffee tea menu” presented on a small clipboard resting on the coffee table in front of the couch. She let me know they also had a Coconut Milk version (60 CZK), which I tried next. Both, served in a snifter glass and with two colored straws, were delicious.



Interior of La Boheme Café (photo courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page


Of the space, it’s bright and airy with warming wood shelving that displays their packaged teas (from Harney & Sons), decorative antiques and coffee paraphernalia of which most is for sale. Pops of color, including a magenta colored sofa seat, will make La Boheme a cozy place to visit during the grey days of winter.


After my lattes, my friend and I shared a filter coffee (70 CZK for 300 ml) prepared with a Chemex coffeemaker. Although filter coffees have become all the rage in Prague, getting one done right is still something of a rarity. Our delicious coffee from Burundi, which has hints of black currant, was served in a lovely glass pitcher, as was the water we requested which we drank from cubist-inspired rocks glasses. It’s the attention to detail, including leather La Boheme Café branded coasters, which make the experience that much more satisfying.



Left: Chemex coffeemaker - for sale at the café | Right: Coffee and Tea on offer (photos courtesy of La Boheme Café Google maps page)


Along with filter coffees, espresso coffees and teas, La Boheme offers homemade lemonades (45 CZK), hot chocolates (55 CZK), Fritz-Kolas and a variety of specialty drinks. The summer menu included Cherry Shakerato (45 CZK)–cherry juice, espresso and rosemary– Lemon Espresso Sekt (50 CZK)–Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon and Espresso– and Kavaranč (50 CZK)–OJ, Green banana syrup, cold drip coffee and ice. Although they weren’t serving food at the time of my visit, I was informed that “food is on the way” as are microbrew beers and an “amazing wine selection”, the latter of which will be served during extended evening hours, which are planned for weekends in winter.


All the coffees, from Africa, Central and South America and elsewhere, are personally tested and selected by La Boheme owner Charles Fleer who travels annually to all of the farms where the beans are grown. The beans are then roasted in La Boheme’s roastery in Moravia. Charles, who informed me about the above-mentioned additions to the menu and the extended hours, also told me that they plan to continue public trainings conducted in both Czech and English, in the degustation room on the second floor.


The difference between your average coffee and La Boheme’s award-winning coffee can without a doubt be tasted. Charles has created an exceptional atmosphere in which to experience it and take it home with you, which only enhances the buzz.


La Boheme Café

Sázavská 32, Prague 2, Vinohrady
tel 734 207 049
hours Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00
tram 11 to Vinohradská Tržnice