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5 Cafes with Design Appeal

Published on July 02nd, 2015 in Dining & Drinking

  • Grand Café Orient (photo courtesy of Grand Café Orient facebook page)

  • Grand Café Orient at the House of the Black Madonna (photo courtesy of Grand Café Orient facebook page)

  • Grand Café Orient, historical photo (photo courtesy of Grand Café Orient facebook page)

  • Bank of the Czechoslovak Legions, c.1931 (photo source: Jaroslav Šetelík)

  • Bank of the Czechoslovak Legions (main hall), c.1930

  • Café Archa Barista (photo courtesy of

  • Café Jedna (photo courtesy of

  • Café Jedna (photo courtesy of

  • La Boheme Café La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • La Boheme Café La Boheme Café Google maps page)

  • Kavárna Muzeum Canteen & Café (photo courtesy of

  • Kavárna Muzeum Canteen & Café (photo courtesy of

In a city known for its grand Art Noveau cafés, Prague’s modern design legacy can be easy to overlook. These cafés particularly stand out for their modern interiors and are sure to please architecture buffs and coffee addicts alike.



Grand Café Orient at the House of the Black Madonna

The original Grand Café Orient opened in 1912 on the first floor of the House of the Black Madonna which now houses the Czech Museum of Cubism and the Kubista design store. Closed since 1925, it was reopened in 2005 after a painstaking renovation. Replicas of the original furniture and brass chandelier by Czech cubist designer Josef Gočar help conjure up the original atmosphere. This cafe is more about the experience and echoes of history, however, then getting a latte made to perfection but if architecture turns you on I’d definitely put this on your hit list.



Grand Café Orient
Ovocný trh 19, Prague 1
tel 224 224 240
hours Mon–Fri: 0:900–22:00; Sat–Sun 10:00–22:00 

metro Můstek or Nám. Republiky
tram Nám. Republiky



Café Archa Barista

Located inside of the landmark Rondocubist Czechoslovak Legion Bank, also designed by Gočar (read more about it here on our post on 10 Must-Sees for Modern Architecture Fans) Café Archa Barista’s carefully appointed Art Deco space features sleek black granite tables and replica Otakar Binar chairs. Also a concept store and gallery—it is owned by the people behind the Kubista and Futurista shops—you can browse a selection of design objects from ceramic Cubist vases to geometric silver jewelry. Stop in for a coffee and cake (on my last visit there wasn’t much of a food menu beyond a daily soup and sandwich offering) and don’t leave without taking a peek inside the historic bank located at the end of the corridor – this will be the highlight of your visit vs. the cafe.



Café Archa Barista
Na Poříčí 1046/24, Prague 1
tel 727 963 540 
hours Mon–Sun 8:00–23:00
metro Florenc, Nám. Republiky
tram 3, 8, 14 Bílá Labuť



Café Jedna

The Mamacoffee franchise operates this stylish café on the ground-floor Korso of the National Gallery’s Veletržní Palác, one of Prague’s most celebrated examples of functionalist architecture. An airy open-plan space anchored by a massive light-kinetic sculpture by architect Zdeněk Pešánek at one end of the lengthy bar, it is currently a hotspot for the artsy set who come for talks and performances, but is also a favorite of local moms like me who like to partake in the café’s wonderful coffee, baked goods, and healthful light bites after the museum’s drop-in art class for children also held on the Korso.



Café Jedna
Veletržní palác, Dukelských Hrdinů 530/47, Prague 7  
tel 778 440 877 
hours Mon–Sun 9:00–22:00
metro C - stanice Vltavská.
tram 1, 12, 17, 24 Veletržní palác



La Boheme Café

Opened recently to great fanfare, La Boheme is first notable for its truly exceptional coffee and unprecedented service. At the forefront of Prague’s coffee craze it’s a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate, among other things, locally-roasted filter coffee prepared in a Chemex pot. But the welcoming café, bright and airy with warming wood shelving displaying decorative antiques and coffee paraphernalia, and unexpected pops of color, including a centerpiece magenta sofa seat, make La Boheme a design destination in its own right. For more on this café see my review:



La Boheme Café
Sázavská 32, Prague 2, Vinohrady
tel 734 207 049
hours Mon–Fri 8:00–20:00; Sat 11:00–20:00
tram 11 to Vinohradská Tržnice



Kavárna Muzeum

Located in the National Museum’s New Building—itself a worthy spot to visit for the consistently interesting line-up of exhibits—this modern canteen and café is ideal for families, travelers on a budget, or anyone who is a fan of unique design touches. The retro cafeteria-style interior, designed with the Socialist-era architecture of the New Building in mind, is accented with seating made from vintage tram seats. The canteen serves large portions of satisfying food and signature open-faced sandwiches with gourmet spreads and fresh toppings. On sunny days, I suggest lounging on the wooden deck—little ones will enjoy the psychedelic submarine climbing structure—amidst the bustle of Prague’s most famous square.



Kavárna Muzeum Canteen & Café
Vinohradská 1, Prague 1
tel +420 224 284 511
hours Mon–Fri: 0:900–19:00; Sat–Sun 10:00–19:00 

metro C Muzeum