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Published on May 18th, 2017 in Basics

  • FACETED Highball Glasses in various colors.

  • Cutter Busy at work: PHOTO: CTK

  • GLACIER bowl designed by David Wiseman in Smoke

  • FACETED Double Old Fashioned & Highball in Black

  • VIDEN Double Old Fashioned Glasses

  • Cutters Workshop: Photo: CTK

  • Cutting & Smoking – Impressive! Photo: CTK

For the next installment in our ongoing series of posts focusing on ARTEL’s production techniques, we’re focusing this week on what is known as “cut glass.”


ARTEL Cutter busy at work. Photo: Scott Ross


First developed in the sixth century B.C., "cut glass" refers to crystal glassware that has been decorated entirely by hand using rotating abrasive wheels to cut patterns into the glass surface. While it is similar in some ways to engraving, it involves much deeper cuts and results in sharply beveled edges that are designed to capture and reflect light (as opposed to the more detailed decorative cuts produced by engraving).


ARTEL cutters work station & work boots! Photo: Scott Ross



The cut glass technique reached the Czech Republic by the end of the 16th century, and soon became a defining element of traditional Bohemian crystal design. Today, with equipment that has remained virtually unchanged since then (except for the introduction of electrical motors in the last century), ARTĚL’s team of skilled artisans use this labor-intensive technique to create modern interpretations of classic designs, as seen in our popular Faceted, Viden, and Glacier motifs. The hefty, solid feel of these motifs must be experienced in person, as they truly add another level to the aesthetic enjoyment of fine glassware.




GLACIER Vodka Glasses designed by David Wiseman


FACETED Single Old Fashioned Glasses


VIDEN Double Old Fashioned & Highball in Clear Crystal


For more information on all of our production techniques – along with some great vintage photos of glass artisans practicing their craft – click here.