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Prague: ARTĚL Style

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Published on April 20th, 2017 in Basics

  • ARTEL engraver busy working on a Verdure Highball in Blue.

  • Verdure in all the colors of rainbow!

  • Verdure Highballs in Salmon, Lilac, Olive, Blue & Peridot.

  • Verdure Small Round Bowl in Salmon.

  • Verdure Wine Carafe in Clear Crystal.

  • Verdure vase in blue.

Originally introduced in 2000, Verdure is one of our signature design motifs and a perennial best seller.


Verdure Large Bowl in Black


Featuring richly engraved vines and blossoms, Verdure takes its inspiration from the wallpaper designs of Dagobert Peche, a prominent member of the Wiener Werkstätte. Founded in Vienna in 1903, this community of visual artists included architects, artists and designers working within the fields of ceramics, fashion, silver, furniture, and the graphic arts.


Wallpaper design by Dagobert Peche that inspired ARTEL’s Verdure motif.


Verdure Nesting Bowls in Salmon.


The stated mission of the Werkstätte was to “penetrate everyday life with artistic and aesthetic high-quality products,” which clearly aligned it with the ARTEL collective that inspired our company’s name, as well as the contemporary Art Nouveau and Bauhaus movements – both of which are also major influences on ARTEL style.


Verdure Tall Vase in Olive.


ARTĚL’s founder / director Karen Feldman is a longtime fan of the designers associated with the Wiener Werkstätte, so it’s not surprising that Verdure was one of her earliest designs for the firm. “Verdure is a quintessential ARTEL motif,” says Feldman, “not only because it’s a beautiful example of traditional hand-engraving technique, but also because it truly embodies the intersection of classic and modern design that defines ARTEL style.”


Verdure’s bold, broad forms make it especially well suited to larger shapes – such as our Large Bowl ­– and simply perfect for a Double Old Fashioned  or Highball glass. It also happens to look fantastic in any of our 22 colors.


Verdure Highballs in 12 or our 22 colors.


Interested in acquiring some Verdure pieces for yourself or a friend? You can find them in any of our Prague retail locations or in our online store.