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Published on August 31th, 2017 in Basics

  • Butterfly Meadow Double Old Fashioned Glasses in all colors of the rainbow!

  • Butterfly Meadow Double Old Fashioned Glasses in Teal and Smoke.

  • Butterfly Meadow Double Old Fashioned Glass in Smoke.

  • Butterfly Meadow Double Old Fashioned Glasses in our new color Teal.

If you had to pick only one creature that best evokes that special warm-sunshine-on-a-lazy-summer-day feeling, surely it would be the colorful, elegant, carefree butterfly, right?


As we glide through these last few weeks of summer, it seemed appropriate that this week’s featured motif should our newly-released BUTTERFLY MEADOW – an exquisitely detailed new design that celebrates these otherworldly insects and lends a taste of the great outdoors to any home décor setting.


Butterfly Meadow Double Old Fashioned Glasses in Teal and Smoke.


Featuring not only richly engraved butterflies but also interwoven blossoms and vines, BUTTERFLY MEADOW is quite similar in style to our highly popular VERDURE motif.


Verdure Highballs in 12 or our 22 colors.


Like VERDURE, the new motif was inspired by the wallpaper designs of Dagobert Peche, a prominent member of the Wiener Werkstätte (an early 20th-century community of Austrian designers working in the fields of ceramics, fashion, jewelry, furniture, and the graphic arts).


Dagobert Peche


According to ARTĚL founder / director Karen Feldman, “anyone who knows me knows that while I’m a huge fan of decorative arts from the Wiener Werkstätte in general, I’m just crazy about that Dagobert Peche! I really think he is quite possibly the best decorative artist of all time, and every one of his wallpaper designs is just so visually interesting. On a recent visit to the fantastic Neue Gallery in NYC, I happened to see an example of Peche wallpaper with beautifully stylized butterflies and flowers, and I immediately felt compelled to create yet another glass motif that pays homage to his unique vision. The result is a look that is timelessly chic and simply perfect for outdoor cocktail parties or al fresco dining.”


Butterfly Textile Design by Dagobert Peche, 1913.


While BUTTERFLY MEADOW ­– like all of our glassware ­– looks great in clear crystal, it’s also quite lovely in any of our numerous colors.


Butterfly Meadow Double Old Fashioned Glasses in all colors of the rainbow!


Interested in acquiring a BUTTERFLY MEADOW ­piece – or perhaps a whole set – for yourself or a friend? You can find them in any of our Prague retail locations or in our online store.