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Prague: ARTĚL Style

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Published on August 10th, 2017 in Basics

  • One of the many inspirations behind the collection

  • A child on a saddled pig. C. 1914

  • Marsha's Petting Zoo, Houston Texas


From “Old MacDonald” to George Orwell, farm animals have long occupied an iconic place in our culture. Even city slickers who’ve never sowed a seed or hoed a row have a deep appreciation for this special class of creatures and the vital role they play in keeping us fed.


Our brand-new BARNYARD collection – a celebration of life down on the farmis comprised of ten different hand-engraved animal-themed motifs in different colors:


Barnyard Collection


·         COW (Mahogany)

·         GOAT (British Racer Green)

·         GOOSE (Amber)

·         HORSE (Smoke)

·         PIG (Rose)                            

·         RABBIT (Purple)

·         ROOSTER (Burnt Orange)

·         SHEEP (Peacock)

·         TURKEY (Red)

·         TRACTOR (Ink)­


Each mouth-blown glass in the collection is executed with the meticulous level of detail that typifies all ARTĚL products. Glasses are available either individually or as a set of ten Double Old Fashioned glasses (sets include one glass with each design).




According to ARTĚL founder / director Karen Feldman, the inspiration for this set is rooted in fond childhood memories of school visits to rural farms and petting zoos – and being struck with wonder at the sight of these majestic creatures that were nowhere to be found in her suburban New York hometown, yet seemed familiar all the same.



“We’ve done a number of themed collections over the years, such as Sea Life, Dog, and Jungle Baroque,” observes Feldman, “and they are all quite popular. Our clients really seem to love the idea of being able to purchase a ‘matching’ set of glassware that allows each guest to have a unique design on their glass – resulting in a more personalized touch, as well as a fun conversation starter. While several of our other themed sets feature more specific interests (hunting, sports, and so on), this one has a much broader appeal – I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like barnyard animals?”


Mother Goose Land at Fejervary Zoo opened in 1953 and closed in 1979


Interested in acquiring a BARNYARD piece – or perhaps a whole set – for yourself or a friend? You can find them in any of our Prague retail locations or in our online store.