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ARTĚL (sort of) makes it to the Metropolitan Museum!

Published on February 02nd, 2017 in Basics

  • CONCINNITAS COLLECTION – Limited Edition 100 sets of 10 Double Old Fashioned Glasses each individually numbered

  • Simon Donaldson – AMPERE’s LAW – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Stephen Smale – NEWTON’S METHOD – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Feeman Dyson – THE MACDONALD EQUATION – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Enrico Bombieri – THE REE GROUP FORMULA – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Sir Michael Atiyah – THE INDEX THEOREM – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Richard M. Karp – P VERSUS NP – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Murry Gell-Mann – “COLOR” SU3 SYMMETRY GROUP EXACTLY CONSERVED – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • David Mumford – THIRTEEN?? – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Peter Lax – CONSERVATION LAWS – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

  • Steven Weinberg – THE LARGRANGIAN OF THE ELECTROWEAK THEORY – (Print courtesy of Parasol Press, LTD)

Attention math lovers and science enthusiasts: The Metropolitan Museum of Art just launched an exhibit entitled Picturing Math, featuring “works from The Met collection [that] show how artists from the 15th century to contemporary times have engaged in the creation and communication of mathematical knowledge through the use and production of images.”


What, you may ask, does any of this have to do with ARTĚL?  Well, as it turns out, this particular show just happens to include the original set of ten fine art prints depicting noteworthy mathematical expressions that form the basis of our special-edition CONCINNITAS glassware collection.



Taking its title from a word used by Renaissance-era philosopher Leon Battista Alberti to connote geometric balance in visual artworks, the portfolio of prints originated in 2014, when ten world-renowned mathematicians and physicists (including five recipients of the prestigious Fields Medal and two Nobel Prize winners) were each asked what they considered their “most beautiful” mathematical expression. Their responses were transformed into a limited edition of 100 sets of 10 prints, with a retail price tag of $10,000 for the set.


Gifts and Decorative Accessories Press Hit – February 2016


The prints have already been exhibited a range of important venues, including the Yale University Art Gallery, Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton University, Hood Museum at Dartmouth and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science; they’ve also been featured in Scientific American magazine.


Thanks to a special arrangement with Parasol Press, ARTĚL was given permission in 2016 to feature the same set of expressions on a limited edition of 100 sets of ten individually numbered Double Old Fashioned glasses, each featuring a sandblasted replica of a handwritten expression by Michael Atiyah, Enrico Bombieri, Simon Donaldson, Freeman Dyson, Murray Gell-Mann, Richard Karp, Peter Lax, David Mumford, Stephen Smale, or Steven Weinberg.


So, if you’re in NYC between January 31 and May 1, stop by Gallery 690 at the Met Fifth Avenue and check out the show. And if you’re looking for a very special set of glasses, feel free to buy them online!