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Prague: ARTĚL Style

Expert recommendations and insider tips for first-time visitors and locals alike from ARTĚL’s founder, Karen Feldman, who has lived in Prague since 1994. Click on the links below for detailed reviews – from Feldman’s own unique perspective – of all the best that Prague has to offer...





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10 Must-Sees for Modern Architecture Fans

Published on March 07th, 2013 in Sights

Architecture buffs who visit Prague will be pleased to note that Frank Gehry’s Tančící dům (Dancing Building) isn’t the only modern marvel in town. Do not overlook these lesser-known gems which speak to Prague’s rich architectural tradition...

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Romantik Hotel U Raka

Published on February 28th, 2013 in Hotels

Have you dreamed of visiting the Bohemian countryside, but don’t think you will have the time? Fear not, with a bit of luck and advance planning (as reservations are hard to come by), you can stay at an 18th century Bohemian Chalupa...

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Cordeus Health Center

Published on February 21th, 2013 in Services

Have you been dreaming of visiting the famous spas in Karlovy Vary but simply don’t have the time? If so, Cordeus might just be the answer, as it is the best representation of a true Czech-style spa in Prague. The experience will be clinical as opposed to luxurious...

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Folk Art Museum

Published on February 14th, 2013 in Sights

Beyond a few very general introductions, this museum is not exactly English-friendly; however, it’s definitely high on my recommendation list. It reopened in 2005 after what was clearly a very loving restoration, and has been curated to perfection...

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Sir Toby’s Hostel

Published on February 07th, 2013 in Hotels

Yes, I know you are probably shocked that I’m recommending a hostel – especially one in such an off-the-beaten track location – but I can assure you that Sir Toby’s is no ordinary hostel. Not only does it offer private rooms, but it also boasts a remarkably fabulous interior design scheme...

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