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Prague: ARTĚL Style

Expert recommendations and insider tips for first-time visitors and locals alike from ARTĚL’s founder, Karen Feldman, who has lived in Prague since 1994. Click on the links below for detailed reviews – from Feldman’s own unique perspective – of all the best that Prague has to offer...





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Once Upon a Time at Christmas

Published on December 18th, 2014 in Entertainment

While all over Europe people are carving up fish for Christmas Eve dinner and waiting for their own version of Father Christmas to arrive—in Czech it's Ježíšek or Baby Jesus who delivers the goods—there is one aspect of the holiday season here that I find truly delightful and very Czech: binge watching pohádky, or Christmas fairytales!

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Tis the Season to Bludgeon Carp

Published on December 11th, 2014 in Entertainment

One of the messier, if not merrier, Czech holiday traditions is the bludgeoning of the Christmas carp. If you are not squeamish and would like to witness what I have been told is in fact a very humane killing, fishmongers and their massive tubs of live carp start popping up in Prague outside of grocery stores and metro stations in mid-December...

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Mikuláš - Eve of St. Nicholas

Published on December 04th, 2014 in Entertainment

Should you happen to pass a trio dressed as an angel, a devil and a saint tomorrow night (December 5th), fear not. You’re not crazy, but simply happen to be in Prague on the eve of St. Nicholas – one of my personal favorite holidays. The costumed trio visits small children (and large ones, like me)...

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